The Housing Authority of the City of Tupelo, Mississippi, is dedicated to providing this community with quality, affordable housing that is decent, well maintained, and free from drugs and violent crime. We endeavor to provide livable communities that are made up of a diverse range of economic incomes so that the children of the communities have role models that are visibly striving to make economic gains for their families. We are committed to providing our residents with as many opportunities as possible to become economically self-sufficient. The Tupelo Housing Authority will promote personal and economic self-sufficiency to provide families the opportunity to make the transition from subsidized to non-subsidized housing. While accomplishing our mission, all residents of the Tupelo Housing Authority will be treated with professional courtesy, empathy, and respect.

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to the website of Tupelo Housing Authority,  You can view our Five Year Plan, review eligibility requirements and learn more about our programs here.  We hope you enjoy your visit.

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